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Lucky Draw Logo.png


The Lucky Draw Golf Challenge and the events surrounding it are the perfect way to end the 3AGA season.   



Lucky Draw Golf Challenge Social

Participants and sponsors are invited to come mix and mingle in our spacious hospitality suite at the historic Galt House Hotel located on the shore of the mighty Ohio river. Come enjoy a nice cocktail or premium cigar as you gaze out at Ohio river traffic. Participants and guest can enjoy some tasty hors d'oeuvres while they relax before the competition the next day. 


Lucky Draw Golf Challenge

The hybrid tournament format (NOT A SCRAMBLE) will feature a number of foursomes that will have a varied mix of weekend warriors playing side by side for a good cause, cash, prizes and King of the Course bragging rights. The day will end with the awards presentation, raffle, and silent auction. This will be a very special day for all players.



  1. All participating golfers are randomly assigned a number during sign in.

  2. There are duplicate numbers in the assignments, which means if there are 72 players then the numbers 1-36 are assigned twice to different players.

  3. After all players are signed in the assigned numbers are placed in a secure location until the end of the round.

  4. No player will know what their number is or who their matching number partner may be.

  5. This process encourages fair play and good sportsmanship, because players do not know who their teammate is until the end of the round.

  6. Participants will go out in foursomes of their own choosing and prepare to play at their assigned starting holes.

  7. Depending on the number of participants the start will be determined by the golf course Professional.

  8. If there is a foursome starting on all 18 holes a synchronized shotgun start will be used.

  9. After all 18 holes of golf have been played by the participants everyone will meet in a predetermined location for the pairing announcements and winners.

  10. The blind draw format allows all participants to have an equal chance at winning the team challenge awards. EX. A high score could be paired with a lower score and combined as a team they could have the lowest team score overall and win the team challenge.

  11. There are awards for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams.

  12. There is also an INDIVIDUAL AWARD for the player with the lowest overall score. That player is crowned the KING OF THE COURSE.

  13. In the event of a tie the scores of both players on the number one handicapped hole will be reviewed and the player with the lowest score on that hole wins the crown. If tied again the process will be repeated on handicap holes No. 2, 3 etc. until a clear winner is declared.

  14. For every first place there has to be a last place and in the lighthearted spirit of this event there is an award for that individual. Referred to as The PLP award. This honor goes to the person who had the highest overall score. No one wants it, but everyone takes it in stride and has a good time.

  15. To keep things fun and interesting the PLP award can be passed along to anyone who participated in the previous Lucky Draw Golf Challenge if the PLP award holder beats them in any round of golf leading up to the next Lucky Draw event. The PLP award could see many owners before the next Lucky Draw Golf Challenge. 

  16. This award is meant to encourage better play good sportsmanship.

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