Meet The Team


H Lee Cecil III


Kim Clay
cfo vice president


R. Shawn Summerville
Operations Director
Community Outreach 



Derek Babbage

(not pictured)

Juan Mitchell

Charles Gaines

Gladys Barclay

Theodore mitchell

Antuan sartin

Bill Fisher


Othello Bell

ramie hanafi

steve miles

Damita Adams

don robinson



The African American Amateur Golfers’ Association of America (also known as the 3AGA) has created a competitive and entertaining annual amateur golf tour with amenities and prizes that only professional tours surpass.  An amateur Weekend Golfers’ dream organization that welcomes players of all skill levels to compete in a modified scoring format that allows a high handicap player to be competitive with a low handicap golfer within the same round of golf without using different skill flights. Making the competition even more competitive and every stroke more valuable.


3AGA Tour events take place at premier courses around the region. Many of the tour rounds featured former professional athletes, entertainers, corporate executives, and community leaders.


The 3AGA focus is not only on the experience of the participants, but also on showcasing our charitable partners and corporate sponsors who support our vision for our community.


Our Vision

The 3AGA provides our membership with accessible and rewarding golf experiences that will rival those in the professional ranks. The 3AGA welcomes all levels of players regardless of race, gender, age and socio-economic status. Our membership is a collective of individuals that have the ability to impact our community by helping underserved organizations and individuals through networking, mentoring, and philanthropy. Each round played will drive for change.


Our Goals


  • To provide our membership with unique golf experiences that are accessible to all.

  • To create a valuable portfolio of annual events to maximize the 3AGA exposure as well as that of our charitable partners and sponsors.

  • To actively participate in our community through purposeful actions and fundraising.

  • To offer sponsors a creative and effective marketing tool for their products & services.

  • To be recognized as the premiere national amateur golf organization for weekend warriors.